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Sophia Degraffenreid 
Licensed Cosmetologist 

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Sophia Degraffenreid has been in the hair industry for over 20 years. Like many she started right in the kitchen of Her parents town house as a young girl. In a Small town of Zion, Ilinois. Not knowing she would become A licensed COSMETOGIST as an adult.
Sophia is a proud graduate of Dudley Beauty College Chicago,  Illinois one Of 4 Beauty Schools she attended through her journey to completing her Cosmetology program. But She always tells herself says, ~U DID it GURL~ . She was honor led September 23,  2018 by the founder and owners of Dudley Products Dr. Eunice M. Dudley with the  Dudley-s Q, 'LIFE LEARNER " Award. 
*Sophia realize back in 2002 while working for a school district that many children lack the necessity to keep their hair cleansed cut, braided and or maintained. So along her journey as a hair stylist servicing children and adults if 24 years now,   it has always been in her heart to help ~One Look good on the outside to help them build themselves up on the inside. ( Especially with the Youth). Her Moto is  "Helping One feel and LOOK GOOD, Inside Out".
* Experiencing children not always be able to keep their hair maintained has left Sophia with a very Large space in her heart to always service the  children and youth no matter what circumstances are. Because She feels if the look good they feel good and her desire is to build up ones self esteem and with her services of hair care & STYLES she knows she can do so. 
Sophia's Vision is to 
Enhance Ones Inner Beauty through her services of Hair Care, Styling and Hair Braiding. 
Specializing in YOU, ONE  CLIENT AT A TIME. 
Me. Sophia Degraffenreid
*License Cosmetologist - Illinois
*Life Learner Achiever of DudleyQ North Carolina 
*Barbercide COVID-19 Certified

Styles By Sophia

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